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Rolascreen: Creating Better Spaces Across Countless Industries

Since 2012 we have provided provided privacy solutions with unique portable privacy screens and room dividers for many applications and across countless industries. Our solutions are found in 47 States throughout the United States and Canada in industries as diverse as: Healthcare, Immersive Simulation, Education, Corporate Use, Lactation Accommodation, Government, and Security.

The Rolascreen is an ingenious way of managing space. Simply put, Rolascreens are general purpose privacy screens, partitions, space separators, portable medical privacy screens, and room dividers.

Rolascreens are Portable, Printable, Flexible and Retractable, thereby making them unique and the only privacy screens of their kind manufactured in the United States of America. Also, only Rolascreens can bend at any point along their width.

Rolascreen is available in a wall-mounted or portable model and can be customized with any color, print, design or finish. A Rolascreen can be opaque, translucent, transparent or a combination thereof. It is the ultimate tool for flexible space management of any type.

Rolascreens use a technology that enables them to be more retractable and portable than anything else on the market. This same technology has also been utilized by the likes of NASA and manufacturers of orbital satellites.

A Wall Mounted Rolascreen with custom printed panel in use at a hospital

A Wall Mounted Rolascreen with custom printed panel

Revolutionizing Privacy and Space Management in Healthcare

The unique features of our Rolascreen Room Dividers and Privacy Screens bring our customers many benefits. Hospitals that are using our products generally experience increased patient scores.

Rolascreens allow Hospitals and Clinics to replace dirty and difficult to clean hospital curtains. Rolascreens are not laundered, but are instead cleaned by simply wiping them down with standard hospital cleaners and disinfectants; therefore helping hospitals and clinics with Infection Control Management.

All models of the Rolascreen can be used to instantly create new spaces. Emergency rooms love to use the Rolascreen to provide privacy during overflow, periods of surge, flu season, disaster relief, or for emergency preparedness. The Rolascreen can be used to easily set up instant triage areas and control “traffic.” Hundreds of hospitals are using the Rolascreen to provide privacy in hallways.

Pediatric departments use the Rolascreen with its uniquely customizable panels to surround patients with fun and colorful images helping children to be less scared of the cold and impersonal atmosphere typical of an adult’s hospital room. NICUs on the other hand value the Rolascreen to allow families to bond with newborns without disturbance from staff or other families.

Infusion and Dialysis departments and clinics are using evidence-based art on their Rolascreen panels to sooth patients going through chemotherapy, pain management programs, or dialysis. The Rolascreen bends perfectly around patients in recliners. Also, “line of sight” can be maintained with Rolascreens that are partially transparent.

Facilities and Corporate management use Rolascreen to create new income-producing areas instantly. Expand a 1-bed unit into a 2 – 4-bed unit while avoiding the additional construction costs and down-time normally experienced during a renovation.

Some of our clients use Rolascreen to block their construction projects, with inner panels that are printed with signs to keep out, detour directions, or artist’s renditions of the area being built behind the Rolascreen.

Create Immersive Simulation Environments

Rolascreen creates realistic backdrops for immersive simulation environments in seconds.
It is fuss free and helps to reduce simulation costs. Its small footprint makes it easy to store and transport.

Rolascreen may have their panels printed with familiar hospital images, setting the scene for any training scenario. The panels may be printed with different images on each side, further reducing costs and making simulation environments more adaptable. Finally, the Rolascreen’s panels are easily interchangeable, so with a single screen it is easy to create different environments.

We have a large library of simulation images, ranging from home and hospital environments, roadside imagery, to equipment; we can source any imagery needed to resemble the intended environment as closely as possible.

Flexible Education Space Management

We started supplying to schools after we were selected in 2018 to provide our
Rolascreen to the Los Angeles Unified School District. LAUSD is the largest Public
school system in California and the second largest school district in the USA. Having a
product Made in the USA and made locally in Los Angeles was particularly attractive to
the school district.

Our Rolascreen creates space very easily and can be removed quickly. Its small footprint makes it ideal for
storage especially since one person can move a screen.

Rolascreen instantly creates one-to-one meeting areas, it can use space previously
unused. Large open spaces such as Cafeterias and Gyms can be sectioned off within
minutes to create temporary classrooms or Private spaces.

Schools and Universities see Rolascreen as the ideal solution to creating and making
better use of space in their Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Exam Rooms, Gyms, Nurses’
Offices, and more!

Manage Open Plan Office Spaces

Rolascreen started providing screens to Corporations who wanted to create meeting areas and brand at the same time.

We provided the screens through to conference areas within a large Texas legal practice. Then the screens were rolled out to a really well known gym complex in New York City. They used it to section off an area where women could work-out in privacy.

Rolascreens are used at a world-renowned Tattoo shop in New York City, they are printed with Nautical tattoos to show-off the owners favorite theme.

They are also used by a major Utility Company in Northern California who uses them to create makeshift changing rooms.

Now we have some household named Silicon Valley Companies ordering screens to create meeting areas in large open space offices. Or UBISOFT, one of the largest International game Companies who are using imagery from some of their most well-known games on the screen panels to cordon off part of their offices for use as a pop-up Yoga Studio.

Lets not forget about Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Dentists, Physicians. All who need Privacy, some who want to brand and those that want to divide up Space easily.

Private Safe Spaces

Having supplied hundreds of Hospitals with our Privacy screens, we found that many Mother and Baby units, including NICU needed space for Lactation.

Mothers whether in Private rooms or in more Public areas needed Privacy, but also a place that is peaceful and that’s why the use of images on the screen panels are so important.

The Federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers law (2018) requires all employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to provide basic accommodations for breastfeeding mothers at work.

These accommodations include time for women to express milk and a private space that is not a bathroom each time they need to pump or breastfeed.

Company’s outside Healthcare need to provide Privacy for Breastfeeding mothers. Our Portable unit has the ability to bend to create an L shape, this makes it perfect for this need,

Rolascreens can be instantly moved to areas of need, meaning there is no point in having a wall-mounted privacy screen for lactation, which would limit your options in providing lactation accommodation. Company’s can now move the screen from office to office allowing each Nursing mother to express or to Breast-feed as and when needed.

This year we supplied a number of screens to one of the top legal practices in the South West. They needed our product so that they were legally compliant.

American Made Screen for Privacy and Security

Rolascreens are used across the nation by local, state, and federal governments.  The Buy America Act requires the United States government to prefer US-made products in its purchases.

Rolascreen is the only Company making this type of retractable screen, that can proudly say Made in America. Consequently, we are supplying to scores of VA Hospitals, The US military, US Army Medical Research Institute, National Institute of Health and a number of other Government institutions.

We are also supplying to State governments and State Institutions. Coroner’s offices are using the screens as back-drops for Forensic photography and for Privacy.

We have made some specialized screens for Secure facilities to ensure that designs cannot be seen by unwanted eyes. We recently designed and installed an 8’5” screen in a VA facility that was trying to shield patients from the lights and noises created by Cleaning robots.

Rolascreens find use in airports for Medical Screening and as Security Barriers and Partitions

As Security Barriers and Partitions, Rolascreens are used to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas, construction zones, and areas with temporary closures.

With the recent COVID-19 epidemic as an example, our Rolascreens are being used in airports to create closed off areas for medical screening of incoming travellers.

Rolascreen’s portability and versatility allows it to be moved quickly and easily, when and where it is needed throughout Airport facilities.

Rolascreen in use at Montreal Airport

Just Some of the Companies and Organizations that Prefer Rolascreen Products

Since 2012 we have been building close relationships with our many clients across the United States and Canada, having provided privacy screens and room dividers to over 600 hospitals, clinics, offices, and schools in 47 States.

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