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We at Rolascreen, manufacture and distribute a unique and innovative Privacy Screen and Room Divider. We are the are the only American manufacturer of Retractable Privacy Screens and Room Dividers.

Our story began in 2012 as Kwickscreen USA, a distributor of foreign made hospital privacy screens as replacements for hospital curtains. For many years we built close relationships with our many clients across the United States and Canada, having placed screens in hospitals, clinics, and schools in 47 States. As distributors we provided top notch customer service and warranties for the products we sold.

By 2017 we realized that the needs of our clients were changing and that the products we provided needed to evolve because of new regulations and requirements of the healthcare markets and other industries we served. Since our client’s needs could no longer be met using lesser quality foreign made privacy screens and room dividers, we took it upon ourselves to first improve and then update new products, ones that meet the growing and evolving needs of our clients.

Finally, in 2019, we have rebranded ourselves as Rolascreen, emphasizing the inherent quality control of our products made using skilled US Labor. We personally inspect for quality, use only materials approved for the healthcare setting, and work with our clients one-on-one to make sure they are getting exactly what they need with any customization they desire. Finally, because we both manufacture and sell from within the USA, we can provide customer service and support unmatched by foreign and imported screen manufacturers.

We now supply, what is in our professional opinion, the best options for Privacy Screens and Room Dividers, not only for the healthcare market, but also for many other applications including but not limited to: Education, Emergency Response, Immersive Simulation, Hospitality, and Local, State, and Federal Governments.

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